The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

Council Information


Board of Directors – 2023-2024

Jamie O'Connor, President (347-2519)                         Barry Hunter (343-5419)

Kelli Vance, Vice President (343-4188)                         Kristin Mounts (346-3623)

James "Rusty" Hudnall, Secretary (347-2465)              Zachary R. McCoy (348-8415)

C.W. Pace, Jr., Treasurer (345-8900)                            Valerie F. Gainer (340-1303)

J.E. White, Jr., Immediate Past President (340-1302)   


The dates of the remaining 2023-2024 scheduled meetings are:

May 16, 2024
Please mark your calendars accordingly.
Also, please check your personal contact information including e-mail addresses to confirm that this information is correct. This will ensure that you are receiving the updated estate planning e-mails and notices of all meetings.
Please include the name of any guests with your reservations.
If you have not paid your membership for 2023-2024, an application for renewal or for new members is on the Documents page of this website.